In charge of International Fundraising


Born in Paris in 1988, Marion Duquesne spent her adolescence in the USA, evolving in an international setting from a very young age. 
She began to specialize in gender issues during her studies, first by writing a history thesis on French and Italian feminist movements, then through the prism of international development and humanitarian assistance.

Her professional work has led her to fight for the rights of women in the shanty towns of Buenos Aires (Argentina), and at UN Women India, the French Embassy in Morocco, and several associations in the Paris region. 

She joined the board of the association, Les Effrontées, when it was established in 2012, and with which she has organized numerous events, happenings, and advocacy campaigns, becoming part of the national feminist landscape. 

Her path crossed that of the MWF at the end of 2016, as a participant in the Feminist Training in Collective Intelligence program, and she joined the team in February 2018 as a fundraising officer.